Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Sunday Scoop

I love that I am excited after writing today's Sunday Scoop!  Why might you ask?  One word = SUMMER !!!!

I am excited to conquer my summer to do list.  I am throwing it out there every chance I get as I need accountability!!!

So here is my Sunday Scoop!!!!  Thanks Teaching Trio for a fun way to narrow down my goals for the week.

My team and I have struggled with Reading.  We don't have a basal text, but rather a "pacing guide".  The problem is it really isn't aligned with Common Core and it is very chopping.  This year we had wanted to do author/theme studies, but it wasn't as planned as I would have liked.  So this year, we have some teachers moving and one of my teaching buddies is coming down from 4th to 1st!  She is amazing when it comes to curriculum and I am so excited to sit down with her and create our plan.  We even have money to buy new books!!  I know, a dream come true..right??  Our school started a summer check in program last year and it was awesome.  We have made some changes and know that this year it will be even better.  I have to organize the work packets so they are ready to be passed out!  My house is LONG overdue for a DEEP clean!  It must begin this week!

It looks like summer temperatures are going to come to Illinois this week!  So hopefully Joey and I can hit the pool!  We will also begin our morning walks tomorrow!!

I am happy to enjoy every minute of summer!!!  Enough said!!!

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