Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Currently

It is November!!!  Time is flying and I must say I love November!!!  I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving.  And then it is Christmas, another favorite holiday! It is a busy time of year and this year, things are getting even I await the arrival of my little girl!  I am praying this Christmas will be our 1st one together!!!

Lately, I have had some great motivation to conquer some personal and professional goals, so no time like the present to get started!!!  I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade to share my November Currently!!!  What a great way to connect with awesome teachers!  Thanks Farley!!!  Don't forget to link up!!!

Listening:  I have to admit, I LOVE the sappy/romance/comedies on the Hallmark Channel.  But in November and December I love it more, because they have a holiday theme!!!! #sorrynotsorry

Loving:  Lately I have had the energy to get some stuff done and tonight I have an extra hour to do it!!!

Thinking:  A budget and a schedule are needed!!!  Lately shopping appears to be my middle name:)  I might need to reign in this habit as my expenses are going to be increasing soon.  I need a schedule!! I have decided I am much more productive when I follow a schedule.

Wanting:  THE CALL!!!!  Adoption is not a quick process (well normally it isn't!) and FINALLY things are moving.  I am praying for things to move a bit quicker, so my little girl will be home by Christmas!!!!

Needing: My house has suffered lately and well it is time to give it some lovin!  Preparing for a 2 year old and getting my crafty on has made my house look like a cyclone went through it.

Reading:  I bought Kim Bearden's Crash Course over the summer and never found time to read it!!!  Now is that time!  I have heard wonderful things about it and feel that during this month of Thankfulness, it will be an awesome read!!!  Has anyone else read it?????

That's my currently, what's yours????