Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Who agrees with me that just one of the many highlights of summer is a Sunday night, where you don't have to set your alarm for the next day?  I just finished binge watching the end of Nashville and I am not even tired!!!  So I decided to tackle my Sunday Scoop with the Teaching Trio!  It really helped me keep centered last week and I am happy to report, everything got accomplished!!!  
Let's hope this week is just as successful!!

Have to:
I really hope to follow my blogging schedule and think I am actually going to sign up for the TPT (SELLER) Challenge!  I have 90 miles to go in my personal challenge and I know I can do it, and Joey and I both have some appointments that need to get scheduled, but the thought of sitting on the phone is NOT appealing....which makes this a HAVE to I am behind schedule on them!

Hope to:
I hope to clean my basement and garage!  Both have become "storage" areas for stuff.  I need to get things organized and of course PURGE!!!

Happy to:
This week the rain did not help our Playground Tour, but we did make it to one spot!  I hope we can add two new spots this week!!!

That's my scoop, what's yours?
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