Monday, February 29, 2016

Peek at My Week

March is within reach and SPRING is almost here!!! This week is a fresh new start, with brand new topics!!!!

My teaching bestie Molly at Miss K's Little Rays and I are sharing a sneak peek at our weeks!!!

Here is my peek...

ELA: This week we are starting our Dr. Seuss unit! We will be reading The Cat in The Hat & working on asking and answering questions! We will also be introducing figurative language!! And our spelling words are  using initial "th".

Math: Word Problems!!! This week our firsties will be applying the strategies we have been learning and figuring out what works best for us!!

Weather: We started this back in January but didn't have the time, so we are hitting  the topic again! We will also be working on "close reading".

Writing: Will we ever conquer sentence wetting??? We are getting closer!!!

That is what it looks like in Room 105! Head over and see what the little rays are  up to at Miss K's Little Rays!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Scoop

March is almost here, I can smell it!!! I will admit February is one of my least liked months. It is blah and by the end, I am ready for the arrival of Spring!!! Leap year means one more day of February, I am trying to deal! Here's a look at what I have on the agenda this week!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Peek at My Week

I am excited to be back on track (am I the only one who says that?) with my teaching bestie Molly at Miss K's Little Rays for our Peek at My Week.  

Peek at My Week is a little snapshot of what we are working on in our classrooms!  A nice way to look back and reflect for future planning.

This is what our week looks like in 1st!  After you know what we are up to, head over and check out what Molly and the little Ray's are up to on her blog!

ELA:  We have been doing a great deal of non-fiction this month and will be wrapping it up with a biography of Abraham Lincoln.  We will focus on asking and answering questions, as well as describe with detail his life.  Our Spelling words will have the final "ch".

Math: We began working on DOUBLES last week and this week will introduce DOUBLES plus 1! I feel like we have been adding for YEARS, but in actuality it has just been a few months.  

Social Studies/Science:  We are finishing up the month with a continuation of learning about Presidents!  It is funny to see what first graders know about presidents, especially since we have only had one president since they have been alive.

Writing:  We will be doing an informational writing on one of the presidents we have learned about.

That's a look at our week!

What are you doing in your room?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Peek at My Week!!

It is seriously crazy how it is already February. I mean, seriously, WHERE HAS TIME GONE?!?! We are back to Monday, so my teaching twin, Miss K's Little Rays, and myself are sharing our Peek at My Week with you!!!! This Peek at My Week will give you a glimpse into what we will be teaching in our classrooms for the week!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Scoop

I mean I say it every week, but time is flying!!
Here is my Sunday Scoop!

HAVE: Valentine's gifts for those I love!!!
Laminate!! A little behind but February centers will be laminated and ready to go today!
DIBELS!! Just when we finish, we are told to do the TRC and start progress monitoring!!! Want to stay on top of progress monitoring, so trying to come up with a plan!!!

HOPE:  These two items will probably be permanent fixtures!! I love blogging and feel great when I do it, so it once again is on the list and selling the house...well that's a given!!! Open House today, hoping for a buyer!!

LOVE: Spend Valentine's Day with Joey! It is her last "first" holiday!! If that makes any sense!?!?! It is hard to believe she has almost been home a WHOLE year!!!

What is your Scoop?

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Monday, February 1, 2016


So excited with the beginning of February!!! No one loves a fresh start like this girl and for a new month to start on a Monday...oh my heart melts!!!

Excited to be linking up with Farley at

for Currently!!

Here's what I am up to...

LISTENING: It's  Monday, so of course I am listening to the Bachelor!!! I mean who isn't!?!?!?!?

LOVING: I have the BEST student teacher ever!!!! She is amazing and giving me the excitement, I have been lacking!!!! I love watching her with the kiddos and she is doing an amazing job with planning!

THINKING: Of all the great things I want to accomplish with the new month!!! Lots of 2016 goals that haven't been started, time to do that!

WANTING: To be productive and get things done!!!

NEEDING: I so desperately want our house to sell!!!!!! So I guess this is a WANT & a NEED!!!

SWOONING: Have you heard about the Teacher Retreat in French Lick???? If you haven't, click here quickly to find out more!!!! It is going to be amazing and I am so looking forward to it!!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!