Monday, August 31, 2015

Reading Strategies Book Study!

I am so excited to be a member of the #ReadingStrategiesCrew!!!  I will say, I got the book back in July and read it and highlighted it, made notes and everything.  Did I think to write the post then?  NO!!!  So I apologize now for the this post as it wont do justice to the amaziness that Jennifer Serravallo shares in the this awesome resource.

If you have heard of it, then I am sure you are already using the amazing strategies that have been shared.  If you haven't heard of The Reading Strategies Book, then you popped on my little blog on the right on the cover above to order your copy today!!!

This year my school and my team are really going to put an emphasis on Non-fiction reading.  Yes, we are first graders...but we can do it!  So I was happy to take Goal 9 Supporting Comprehension in Nonfiction! And I wasn't disappointed.  Due to the fact that it is Day 11 of school and it was over 90 degrees in our non-air conditioned building, I am going to share with you my thoughts and ideas on this chapter as it pertains to the "littles"...however if you are an upper elementary or middle or even high school teacher, more then half of the strategies apply to you all.  

Who can benefit from this goal?  EVERYONE ( In my opinion) However, Jennifer does a great job of being specific, a student who can support the main idea with one detail and needs prompting to list more (HELLO FIRST GRADERS!!!), support the main idea with just a portion of the text, and list details, some or all of which may not even support the main idea.

A key to using this strategy is determining a student's ability to find the key details to the main topic.  EVALUATION!!!  Now on to the strategies...

Like I mentioned previously, I am going to be short and please invest in the book!!  It will be worth it!!

Strategy 9.2 Reading with a Sense of "WOW"

This one caught my eye because of the title!!!  Everything reading related in 1st grade can be paraphrased with the word WOW!!!!  Reading as an action tends to get lots of WOW cheers as we begin emerging as readers.  This strategy is all about reading new information, letting it sink in, and think "Wow, I never knew..." (As Jennifer puts it!)

Activity idea:
*  Anchor chart to use for a whole class discussion after reading. Students could share their "wows".  
*  Use Wow, I never knew as a journal prompt.

Strategy 9.3 A Spin on KWL

I am sure we have all used a KWL chart at some point in our career.  This is a little different and might be a little more descriptive for your students, particularly the younger ones!!  This is a strategy  that could be used over and over in your nonfiction readings, so much so that it can be used as part of your instructional routine.  Grab some markers and some paper and make an anchor chart.  Laminate it for multiple use!

The 3 important statements...

What you know for sure...
What you think you know...
What you wonder...

WONDER!!!  What a great way to teach and create excitement for further reading!!!

Strategy 9.6 Consistently Ask, "How Do I Know?"

This was such a great strategy!!!  Jennifer talks about when you have read a section or a whole book, and asking yourself what it is mostly about. Then asking yourself, "How do I know?"  She encourages using your hand as a visual.  The main topic/idea is your palm, then using your fingers to come up with the supporting details.  I see this as an anchor chart as well, laminated again for reuse!  Or if you are reading about a specific topic, for example cats.  The body could be the main idea and the legs could be the details.

Is this it, NO!!!!  But you will have to read the rest to get scoop!!!

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's Currently...August 2nd!

I am late to the party, but all for a good reason...I was hosting the birthday of my NOW 3 year old!!!  As some of you may know, my little girl came home from Haiti in March!  This was the first birthday that she actually celebrated!!  So of course it had to be kinda big and Minnie Mouse might have exploded all over the room...but in the end we had a blast and Joey loved it!!!!

Now on to Farley's Currently party!!!  I just love Currently, don't you???

listening:  I hate to admit that I have two shows recording, so I can't watch anything right we have no television on right now, just a little Joey chatter every now and then!

loving: Sunshine!!  We are finally having SUMMER in Illinois!!  Warm but not scorching and SUN!!!  I am one happy lady.

thinking: I have a lot to accomplish this week and soon I need to craft my to do list!!!!  Probably after a little someone heads to bed!

wanting: A magic wand!   I mean my house is dirty and now it looks like Toys R Us exploded after the birthday festivities!!!  I need to figure out where everything is going.

needing:  To actually clean since the magic wand is not in my possession and my house is truly a mess!!!

B2S RAK: I love this!!  I think I am going to make up some little surprises for my team for the first week or so!!  All of them have their own stressors and back to school can intensify those, so some pick me ups are just what the doctor ordered!!!!

That's my currently!!!  What's yours???  Go Link up with Farley at

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