Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Scoop

It's Sunday, time to share my Scoop! Is it wrong that I am secretly happy it is going to be a rainy Sunday! It will help me accomplish my to do's!

HAVE:  Reading Stations are re-grouped (after some BIG changes discovered  through progress monitoring) NOW the new activities have to be prepped! Our Safari Unit is off to an AMAZING start, I would love to find some awesome websites where we can see some of the animals we are researching!! Pay bills, enough said!

HOPE: Living in the Midwest, I know the seasons are unpredictable! But this girl is ready to switch out her closet!!! A rainy Sunday=SNUGGLES with Joey!!!

LOVE: Yes, I 💗 to watch golf!!! And today is the final round of the Masters!!! Seat for one (well actually two, my dad will be watching with me!) in front of the television.

Ready to Rock-Out another awesome week!! Be Happy, Be Positive, Be You!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Peek into My Week

First week after Spring Break, go easy? No way! We are kicking off our HUGE Animal Research Unit!!! I am so excited and if Day 1 is any indication of the excitement we will see during this adventure.... then this is one for the books!!!

Here is a quick peek at our week...

Stay tuned & grab a seat, our Animal Safari has begun!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Scoop

I must say that even though it is Sunday and Spring Break is almost over, I am excited to go back and crank out our last 37 days!!!

Have: We are starting our Animal Unit tomorrow and our safari guides need big brown paper bags!!! Laundry, so we can be presentable for our week back at it!! Pack up all the things for the week that are EVERYWHERE!!! I spent a little time prepping for our fun unit and now it's time to make sure everything gets to school!!

Hope:  I have a plan for April (personal & professional) and I really want to stick to it!! And I might be obsessing a bit about our house selling... BUT hearing the word SOLD would be music to my ears!

Love: Joey & I had a great Spring Break and I am going to miss our slow moving mornings and cuddles, so we are going to hit the playground and have some fun!!!! What better way to wrap up Spring Break!!!!

That's my scoop!

Friday, April 1, 2016


April!?!?! What!?!? I don't know how when we head back after Spring Break, we only have 37 days of school!!! I love summer, but whoa! There is still lots of learning to do in Room 105 and lots of "house" things to do at home!!!  Excited to link up with Farley for Currently!!!

Just started watching Fuller House!?!? Love! Anyone else?
Spring Break was all that and a bag of chips, and I didn't even go anywhere!
Decor for a new house & my classroom next year, I love planning!!!
Seriously, let's hear the word SOLD sooner rather then later!!! This teacher would love a summer getting settled into our new home! 
However, PATIENCE needs to become my friend because I am certainly not in the driver seat!
Animals in April is our unit when we head back and I am so excited!!!