Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Scoop

Seriously, how is today the last Sunday of January?? Don't get me wrong January isn't a favorite month of mine!!!! I like cold and snow, when it is Christmas cold and snow...January cold is a different thing:)

I do love myself new beginnings & a fresh new month is awesome!!!  

Here's a little look at my Sunday Scoop!

HAVE: Somehow Groundhogs Day crept on me, so I am going pull together a story and activity!! I finally finished DIBELS testing!!! I was blown away by my little firsties!!! We have some amazing readers, so I am excited to plan guided reading groups.  Soooo excited and anxious to get my taxes done, but first I have to pull all the paperwork together!!!

HOPE: I can't believe we are one month away from Joey's 1 year HOMECOMING DAY!!!! I have been meaning to make a book of our trip and also of her first year home!!! Time to get busy!!!  I say it every week, but BLOGGING is back on the priority list!!!! Watch out February, this blogger is ready and focused!!!

LOVE: I 💗 my student teacher who has been with us for 8 days!!! She is a natural!! So blessed to get to see her grow into an even better teacher. This week, she is pretty much taking over and I can't wait to see what she comes up with!!!

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Peek at My Week

My teaching bestie, Miss K's Little Rays and I decided to do a fun 'Peek at My Week' blog post on Mondays to share the main agenda on our teaching plans for the week!! I love seeing what other teachers do throughout their work week, so why not share what will be happening with my firsties?! Each week brings new ideas, lessons, and chances to bring some excitement into our classrooms! 
I am excited to get to share a little overview of my week!

 Here is a little "peek" into our week!     A fun first grade week ahead!!!! Our student teacher will slowly start taking over & FRIDAY is 100th day!!!!!

ELA: My firsties are loving Mo Willems! This week we start with Elephant & Piggie. We will learn the ue and ew spelling patterns for long u. We will also tackle point of view!

MATH: Ahhhh story problems!!! We are getting there but we still need more practice!!

SCIENCE: We have touched on Weather just a bit, this week we need to get busy!!!! This week we will work on our Science Fusion Weathwr Chapter!

WRITING: We continue to work on the importance of PUNCTUATION!!!! This week we will do a little opinion writing on WEATHER!!! Hopefully our hard work on learning different types of sentences will make for some great paragraphs!!!

I love having this awesome post to remind me what we are focusing on!! Would you like to join us??? Leave me a comment, we would love to turn it into a linky!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Scoop

Where is time going? I mean one more week of January??? Yikes!!! 2016 is apparently filled with great things so we are flying through it. Obviously I can say that because I am not buried with feet of snow or inches of ice, like those south and east of me, I assume they will have a few more snow days in their future!

This week looks to be a good one, check out my Scoop!

HAVE: First up plan 100th day!! I am excited for this day and hope to execute all my ideas!!!  We are in the process of DIBELING!!! I need to finish as the closing date is coming up and I want to update my reading station groups!! I want to blog a little more this week, especially about our PBIS Boot Camp (our first week back)!

HOPE:  My hair is in MAJOR need of hair coloring, so let's hope that gets fixed!!!! Even more exciting,  my teaching bestie/twin Milly from at Miss K's Little Rays and I are hoping to turn our Peek At My Week blog post into a linky!! I know there are a few out there, but we adapted ours to be a quick snapshot of our week!!!! If you or any of your teaching friends would like to join!!! We would love it!!!! Go to

LOVE: Last week our student teacher started!! She started last week and it is already evident she is going to be an awesome teacher!!! This week she will start taking over a few things!!! I can't wait to see her in action!!!

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Scoop

I must say my stress level is much lower while creating this week's scoop!!! Most likely due to the extra day off this week & the fact that it is so cold today that no one wants to leave the house!!! 

HAVE:  One of my goals is to stay on top of grading and updating Skyward, so far so good!! I have to set up my student teacher's work area!! She starts Wednesday and I am so excited!! Time to clean and also time to try making one of those cleaning schedules so it doesn't all fall on one day!

HOPE:  I am trying to plan and organize our outfits for the week, it makes for easier mornings!! I also hope to look ahead and start creating some things to go with our ELA units for February.

LOVE: Joey and I have started going to the library!! She loves reading the books (over and over)!! So we need to return our books and get new ones! I love seeing her get into a book!!!

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sunday Scoop

Not sure where this weekend went, but it is Sunday!!!! Which means I am linking up with the Teaching Trio to blog about my Sunday Scoop!

3.  I am printing and finalizing plans because I will be reporting to Jury Duty on Monday morning instead of Room 105! This week we start our Mo Wilems unit, and I am sad to miss the kick-off! I have lots of printing and prep to do, so it starts off like I want it to! And sadly enough, more laundry!!!

2.  I am trying to have all our clothes organized for each day, it makes our mornings run much more smoothly! I also hope to watch the Golden Globes and check out all the dresses!!

3. We got SNOW!! I am anxious to get Joey out and have some fun!!!!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Goals

It's Twin Tuesday!!!!! My teaching bestie Molly and I are sharing our 2016 goals! After you check out mine, see the amazing goals she has set for her kinders @ Miss K's Little Rays!!

I love the new year! A fresh start and a chance to change things up with a clean slate, is just what this girl needs.  I have set many goals for 2016, but right now I am going to share the ones I have for my classroom!!

1.  Change up our morning routine! We are going to start utilizing mailboxes. I am hoping mailboxes will help us solidify our organizational skills, as we prepare for 2nd grade.

2. Our morning work!!! We have 14 minutes from the time the bell rings until we have to be ready to move to our Encore class. I was doing journaling but want to try more skill based review, while also holding them accountable for completing their work.

3.  Planning!!! This year I started trying Planbook on-line.  I love how easy it is to use, as well as to share with teammates. However, I like more descriptive/visual plans.  I am hoping to continue using Planbook, while also using a detailed breakdown of my schedule with pictures and details of lessons and activities.

4.  Focus Board!!  This year, I made Focus Boards for our room.  Each subject has a board, where we display our standards and I can statements.  We used them during the first semester but I want to make them more usable.  I also want the kids to take more ownership of them.

5.  Student Work!  I want to do a better job of putting up student work both in our classroom and in our 1st grade hallway.

There you have it a look into my goals for 2016!!! Check back and see how I am doing!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Peek at my week!

This is our first week back to school in 2016! To ease us in, teachers work today and students come tomorrow!  

This week isn't your typical week in 1st grade, why you ask???? Because we are heading to Boot Camp, PBIS Boot Camp that is.  My awesome teaching buddy and across the hall neighbor has been hard at work planning and organizing this awesome review of our skills. For those of you not familiar with PBIS it is our schools behavior plan.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports.  Our firsties are going to go through multiple mini lessons on our school wide expectations of Be Safe, Be Respectful, & Be Responsible.  Students will review (or for some will be relearning what previously didn't stick) these expectations and what they look like throughout our building.  Fun activities will assist their learning.  Boot Camp will culminate in a graduation of our 1st grade cadets.    Be sure to check back for a recap on our trip to Boot Camp!

When we are not reviewing our expectations, we will be easing back into first grade skills.  In Reading, we will be reading Splat the Cat Blow Snow Blow.

We will ease back into Spelling by reviewing some short vowels!!

In Math, we will review some of our 1st semester skills and prepare for our NWEA testing coming up!!

That's just a peek!!! Stay tuned to our Instagram to see it all come to life!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Scoop

It's that Sunday!!! What Sunday you ask? The last Sunday of break.  I am ready to see my kiddos and get back into a routine, but setting an alarm and not snuggling with my little love bug will be hard.  

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Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!!! I hope 2016 is  a great one for everyone! I have decided to make GOALS, rather then resolutions. And one of them is to give this little blog lots of loving!!! So I am thrilled to link up with Farley for Currently!!! 

LISTENING, I mean who doesn't love a parade, while wearing sweats on a couch!!! I am LOVING a new year, I am big on fresh starts! Yes, I am THINKING about school. I am WANTING our house to sell, so Joey and I can find our dream house.  NEEDING to stay  focused on my goals. ONE WORD is HOPE that this year is better then last and full of peace and love.

Thanks Farley for the linky!!!

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