Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Scoop

Where is time going? I mean one more week of January??? Yikes!!! 2016 is apparently filled with great things so we are flying through it. Obviously I can say that because I am not buried with feet of snow or inches of ice, like those south and east of me, I assume they will have a few more snow days in their future!

This week looks to be a good one, check out my Scoop!

HAVE: First up plan 100th day!! I am excited for this day and hope to execute all my ideas!!!  We are in the process of DIBELING!!! I need to finish as the closing date is coming up and I want to update my reading station groups!! I want to blog a little more this week, especially about our PBIS Boot Camp (our first week back)!

HOPE:  My hair is in MAJOR need of hair coloring, so let's hope that gets fixed!!!! Even more exciting,  my teaching bestie/twin Milly from at Miss K's Little Rays and I are hoping to turn our Peek At My Week blog post into a linky!! I know there are a few out there, but we adapted ours to be a quick snapshot of our week!!!! If you or any of your teaching friends would like to join!!! We would love it!!!! Go to

LOVE: Last week our student teacher started!! She started last week and it is already evident she is going to be an awesome teacher!!! This week she will start taking over a few things!!! I can't wait to see her in action!!!

That's my scoop! What's yours? Head over to the 

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