Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!!! I hope 2016 is  a great one for everyone! I have decided to make GOALS, rather then resolutions. And one of them is to give this little blog lots of loving!!! So I am thrilled to link up with Farley for Currently!!! 

LISTENING, I mean who doesn't love a parade, while wearing sweats on a couch!!! I am LOVING a new year, I am big on fresh starts! Yes, I am THINKING about school. I am WANTING our house to sell, so Joey and I can find our dream house.  NEEDING to stay  focused on my goals. ONE WORD is HOPE that this year is better then last and full of peace and love.

Thanks Farley for the linky!!!

Go link up!!!


  1. I'm doing the same thing you are, the parade, on the couch, writing. It's blissful! happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year to you as well! Good luck with the house...that is always a stressful thing to go through. And I totally understand the one word...hope...that is my word as well!

  3. I wish I could find a house here I like and can afford. Isn't it a stressful process this housing thing? I HOPE you enjoy your day. :) Happy New Year

  4. I am totally with you on the fresh start of a new year! I love going back to school that first week because the kids seem excited again! Hope your house sells really soon! Have a great January!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  5. So needing a fresh start with the new year! Good luck with the sale of your home. Hope is such a great word for the year to come!
    Always Kindergarten

  6. We're putting our house on the market too...eek! Good luck you sweet girls!! :)