Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Goals

It's Twin Tuesday!!!!! My teaching bestie Molly and I are sharing our 2016 goals! After you check out mine, see the amazing goals she has set for her kinders @ Miss K's Little Rays!!

I love the new year! A fresh start and a chance to change things up with a clean slate, is just what this girl needs.  I have set many goals for 2016, but right now I am going to share the ones I have for my classroom!!

1.  Change up our morning routine! We are going to start utilizing mailboxes. I am hoping mailboxes will help us solidify our organizational skills, as we prepare for 2nd grade.

2. Our morning work!!! We have 14 minutes from the time the bell rings until we have to be ready to move to our Encore class. I was doing journaling but want to try more skill based review, while also holding them accountable for completing their work.

3.  Planning!!! This year I started trying Planbook on-line.  I love how easy it is to use, as well as to share with teammates. However, I like more descriptive/visual plans.  I am hoping to continue using Planbook, while also using a detailed breakdown of my schedule with pictures and details of lessons and activities.

4.  Focus Board!!  This year, I made Focus Boards for our room.  Each subject has a board, where we display our standards and I can statements.  We used them during the first semester but I want to make them more usable.  I also want the kids to take more ownership of them.

5.  Student Work!  I want to do a better job of putting up student work both in our classroom and in our 1st grade hallway.

There you have it a look into my goals for 2016!!! Check back and see how I am doing!!!

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