Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Scoop

It's Sunday, time to share my Scoop! Is it wrong that I am secretly happy it is going to be a rainy Sunday! It will help me accomplish my to do's!

HAVE:  Reading Stations are re-grouped (after some BIG changes discovered  through progress monitoring) NOW the new activities have to be prepped! Our Safari Unit is off to an AMAZING start, I would love to find some awesome websites where we can see some of the animals we are researching!! Pay bills, enough said!

HOPE: Living in the Midwest, I know the seasons are unpredictable! But this girl is ready to switch out her closet!!! A rainy Sunday=SNUGGLES with Joey!!!

LOVE: Yes, I 💗 to watch golf!!! And today is the final round of the Masters!!! Seat for one (well actually two, my dad will be watching with me!) in front of the television.

Ready to Rock-Out another awesome week!! Be Happy, Be Positive, Be You!!!!

1 comment:

  1. SNUGGLES WITH JOEY BAER<3 Could life be any better ;) I am also excited for the rainy day because rainy days lead to productivity, or at least we can hope!!