Friday, April 1, 2016


April!?!?! What!?!? I don't know how when we head back after Spring Break, we only have 37 days of school!!! I love summer, but whoa! There is still lots of learning to do in Room 105 and lots of "house" things to do at home!!!  Excited to link up with Farley for Currently!!!

Just started watching Fuller House!?!? Love! Anyone else?
Spring Break was all that and a bag of chips, and I didn't even go anywhere!
Decor for a new house & my classroom next year, I love planning!!!
Seriously, let's hear the word SOLD sooner rather then later!!! This teacher would love a summer getting settled into our new home! 
However, PATIENCE needs to become my friend because I am certainly not in the driver seat!
Animals in April is our unit when we head back and I am so excited!!!


  1. I watched Fuller House and LOVED it! I was sad when I ran out of episodes.
    I hope your house sells soon and that you are able to move over the summer! I moved a week into the school year this year and it was the worst! Although, I just live in an apartment, so it's way less stressful than a house.
    Shine on in First Grade

  2. I totally binge-watched Fuller House the Friday it came out, and I'm ready to watch again! I loved it!! I agree with you on time flying... We have a LOT of learning to do when we go back, too! Enjoy your weekend!
    Very Perry Classroom

  3. I totally need to get into Fuller House!! As for decorating our classrooms and your house, just call me the Chip to your Joanna!! I cannot wait for all the fun designing :)

  4. Patience is such a hard one! I'm needing more, too. Good luck selling your house!

  5. OK, so you wrote you are jealous of my RCA trip coming up...I am jealous of your French Lick trip. I just read below about it and I watched a bunch of periscopes about other people's adventures there.... it looked amazing! Thanks for popping by my blog. I am glad us firstie teachers found each other. Tehe. :)

  6. LOVE Fuller House! So fun that you are watching it! I might have finished it in a weekend!! 37 days!? That's amazing!! When do you get out!?! I just counted and we have 39 days! CRAZY!! Enjoy your last few weeks friend!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  7. I would like to go out to RCA sometime...But I just can't justify the cost of it right now :( Maybe soon! Please post all about it for us!

    Good to see you friend!
    Lessons With Coffee 

  8. I left my house about 2 times during Spring Break and it was the best! I really took "staycation" literally this year!