Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Sccop

A Sunday Scoop with a Monday off, AMAZING!!! So that means I'll get it all done right???

HAVE: The laundry looks like it blew up!! Seriously, there are only 2 of us!!! Spring fever is in the air and the need to clean and PURGE is real!!! Since the arrival of my little cutie, my car has become a hot mess!!! It really needs a little TLC!

HOPE: I have a few station activities I need prepped so they are ready to go! Joey and I have been together for 367 days and this coming weekend we will have separate mini vacays!! I know she is going to be in amazing hands but I still want to get her a few goodies from me!!!

LOVE: As much as I am worried & nervous about our first mini vacay away from each other, I am over the moon excited about meeting amazing teachers this weekend at the Teacher Retreat at French Lick!!! So excited!! 

There you have it, my scoop! Now head over to the 

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  1. Have fun at the teacher retreat! I wish I could be there!

  2. Teacher retreat! How fun!!! Good luck on all the cleaning...

  3. Cannot wait for French Lick!! So excited to spend some time relaxing with amazing teachers :) Love the little gifts for Joe Baer <3

  4. So jealous that you are going to French Lick. Kristen is going to be there so make sure you connect with her while you are there! Have a great mini-vacay!

    Teaching Trio