Monday, March 7, 2016

Peek at My Week

Ahhh Monday!!! How I love you when you are not a work day!?! That's right NO SCHOOL for this teacher, thanks to Casimir Pulaski!!!

My teaching bestie, Molly, at Miss K's Little Ray's and I are sharing what our week looks like! It's a fun short week in the kinder/first hall!!!

ELA: We are working on Dr. Seuss again!!! This week we will see what happens when The Cat in the Hat Comes Back! Our spelling words will have the final "th"!

MATH: Addition word problems are in the air and we are choosing the best strategies!!!

Science/Social Studies: we will continue learning about Weather, while also learning about close reading! We will also learn about our core value, COURAGE!

WRITING: We will work on picking our favorite parts of the story, while also fine tuning our sentence writing skills!!! All of this leading up to next week, when we compare and contrast the adventures of the Cat and the Hat!!!

That is a quick look at our short week! What are you doing in your room???? Don't forget to check out what Molly and her little rays are up to!

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