Thursday, March 3, 2016

PBIS Boot Camp First Grade Style

This is a late post, but one I really wanted to make sure I shared!!! Back in December, my team was asked to discuss initiatives to improve some of our identified behaviors.  We are a PBIS school and we are continuously working to reinforce our expectations.  We chatted about a boot camp and decided the first week back after Winter Break, was the prime time to hold it!!! 

My wonderful and talented teammate Stephanie took the green light and began planning!!! She ordered rewards, created schedules of the topics we would cover, planned the rotations, and even put together an Animoto showcasing Cafeteria expectations, starring my team!!!

What went well?
Our enthusiasm and commitment! We greeted students that first day in full "military" gear and about 98% of our firsties were on board to becoming First Grade cadets. 

How did it look?
The rotations were great. We have four teachers and we each took an expectation. Students rotated through and every first grader heard the same thing! Rotations were 20 minutes long and were repeated at the end of the week. The four major expectations that were showcased in the rotations were Hallway focus, Arrival, Dismissal, & Bathroom.  Each class covered classroom expectations individually. We also viewed the first grade teachers starring in the Cafeteria Expectations video, as individual classrooms. We gathered together in the gym and practiced Assembly Focus! Students had paper dog tags with each expectation, as the week progressed and students demonstrated their competence, they received a punch.  

How did we evaluate the success?
Students who had all their punches, graduated during our closing ceremonies that Friday!  At the closing ceremony, each graduating cadet was invited to the front of the room. They received official PBIS dog tags, as well as a camo pencil and bracelet.  In my class, 80% of my students graduated!!!

What would I do differently?
Try to incorporate the teaching of expectations even more! Including assignments and more hands on experiments.  More videos of the teachers!  The kids loved those! I would also create a plan for those students who don't graduate, allowing them the opportunity to also get all their punches in order to receive their real dog tags.

I loved that we set the stage and our firsties were engaged!!! This will definitely be an annua experience!!!

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