Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tell All Tuesday

Tell all Tuesday Time!!!  So excited to be linking up with 


This week they asked us to share our Teacher Top 10 list!!  

10.  I don't drink coffee but this girl does need her caffeine!!  My personal choice is a Polar Pop (Dr. Pepper in the AM, Mountain Dew in the PM.)  Don't judge, everyone has their vice and this is mine!!!  Some days teaching requires me to have a little extra and that is A-OK!!!

9.  Teacher friends get it!!  Don't get me wrong, my besties are amazing.  They give me their kids toys, they tell me about deals, they go to a different Target for me to get Dollar Spot items, & they bring my class popsicles when it is 110 degrees in our non-air conditioned classroom, but no one gets the life of a teacher like a teacher friend!!!  They are the best and understand how a work night on Friday, is actually FUN!!!

8.  There are nights I get to bed late finishing things that add a little extra or buying a dollar store trinket that will take a lesson to the next level, but it is always worth it!!!  The smiles on my kiddos faces make me want to do better and they are worth it!!!

7.  August 17th, I will start my ninth year.  Have all those years been in the same grade level? NO In the same room?  NO  I have taught 1 year of Kindergarten, 3 years of Second Grade, and will be starting my 5th year of First Grade (not taught consecutively).  Was this my choice? NO My first years of teaching were determined by the "pink slip" process, but leaving 2nd grade to come back to 1st was my choice.  I love that I have had to move (it helps from becoming a hoarder) as I feel I have a better understanding of expectations.

6.  I know that some people think I am crazy for being on Instagram, Twitter, a blog, Facebook etc.... but I have to say that some of the best professional development I get comes from the amazing people I have met (virtually) through social media!!! 

5.  Being prepared!  Didn't we all learn this as girl scouts or boy scouts??  Well I must admit that last year, that wasn't necessarily my best quality.  The days things were ready to go and my room was in order were the best days, however they were also far and few between!  I have a major goal of preparation and organization for the upcoming year!

4.  My mom is a smart woman, I always knew that!  She could probably take on any job you give her, while also looking like a million dollars, and she gives amazing advice.  Her advice to me is to always look my best!  When I look my best, I will feel my best!!!  And she told me the kids care, they really do and boy was she right!!!  It is amazing, how a pair of earrings or a dress, really stand out in the eyes of a 5 or 6 year old.  So add looking my best to my goals for the year!!

3.  Are there days when you are short copies, you don't feel the best, there is a full moon, and technology isn't working?  YES!!!  No matter how bad it is, TOMORROW is another day!!!

2.  Sick days in many professions are a day to recover or regroup, in teaching it is a day to worry about your kids, wonder if you gave the sub enough to do or wonder if there is a sub.  I think we are all guilty of going in sick, but remember every now and then, even Superman or Wonder Woman took a day off....teachers can too!

1.  After I graduated college, I worked in the field of Community Health Education for 9 years.  I learned so much in those nine years, but when my dad got sick (he is doing awesome now!!!) I realized LIFE is TOO SHORT!  It was time to go for what I always wanted to be...a teacher!  Since that day, I have not regretted my decision once.  I get to go to my job everyday and not think of it as a job but as getting time to do my hobby!  Teaching is a hands on job, 100% involvement and I am happy to say....I LOVE IT!!! 

This is my Top 10, what's yours?


  1. I love your list! I love #4! It's true! As silly as it sounds, they really do notice what you are wearing or how you look. Granted, most of them will think you look beautiful no matter what, they still pay attention. And #2! Oh my word! Sick days are just painful. I refuse to take sick days unless it's absolutely necessary.

    Shine on in First Grade

    1. Sarah, you are so right!!! They love ya no matter what, but ya put on a little lip gloss and they are completely new kids:) And sick days are the worst!

  2. I agree with both of you ladies! If you look good, you feel good! And kids notice when you look more professional. Love your blog, Nicole! So happy this linky has led me to other first grade teachers!! Have a fantastic summer!

    1. Isn't it great, Megan??? I love connecting!!!

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  3. Nicole, your list was spot on. I found myself nodding as I read all your points. I think teachers live on caffeine, that's how we manage to stay up late making all those great ideas and activities for our kiddos, right?! :) Thank you for taking the time to link up with us. I couldn't agree more that social media has been a great PD. I have learned so much from all of you, it's inspiring.