Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Celebrating

I am so excited to link up with my fellow firstie teacher Kellee at Stomping Through First!  She is the cutest and is hosting a Sunday Celebrating Linky!!!

This week:

Three things that don't really illicit celebration!  However, I did manage to have some fun!!  I mean I live with a two year old....of course I had fun!  

I am celebrating that I got to go shopping with my teaching buddy and get all  almost all the things I needed for my classroom transformation.  Here's a little recap of the adventure.  I am calling it Comfy Shoes and Cash!  I decided to set myself a budget (two reasons what teacher doesn't need a budget when shopping for her classroom and it truly makes it fun trying to get the best bargains).

First Stop...Polar Pops!!  I mean you can't conquer an afternoon of shopping without a polar pop, especially when it is 95 degrees!!!

Our next stop, our local school supply store!  I shop the big box stores but if I can help a local business out, I will!!!

A huge thanks to Mama & Papa Baer (my parents) for the amazing gift card!  Obviously, that was a huge help to the budget!!!

At the The School House, I was able to get borders, stickers, notepads, red library pockets, and pencils.

Next stop, Jo-Ann Fabrics!  I like to cover my bulletin boards with fabric.  The main reason is I am not that "coordinated" to work with paper.  Fabric is very giving and easy to put up.  On the list was fabric, fleece, and ribbon.  Fleece was 40% off and the solid broadcloth was $1.99 a yard.  Some of the ribbon was on clearance and the other was not.  I checked out and had a 25% off coupon for the total purchase.  Once again, I came in UNDER budget!!!!

On to Party City.  No coupons for here:(  However, it was the smallest of all the lists!  Paper Lanterns, CHECK!  And guess what, under budget!

On to Wal-Mart!  Thanks to all the budgeting moms and teachers out there, I knew that many of the school supplies I wanted were the least expensive there!  This was initially not on the agenda, but where there are bargains, I will be!!  I will admit, I slightly went over budget (but only because I bought things for my house, as I am trying to get my garage organized.)  I picked up notebooks (as we will be doing interactive notebooks), crayons ( a whole class set times 2), and a set of markers for each team. 

Last stop, Dollar Tree!!!  I had a good list and have to admit that I wasn't overly successful!  And let me mention, the Dollar Tree I went to had no AIR!  Remember when I said it was 95 degrees!!  That gave me a horrible flashback/reminder of how it could possibly be in my classroom come August 17th!!  I was only able to score, a football, clothespins, a megaphone, a football platter, and a white basket.  Obviously way under budget, BUT only because they didn't have everything I needed and I think I was delusional from the heat!!!

(no pictures from Dollar Tree, let's be was too hot for pics!!!)

You might wonder about my random shopping list but in the weeks to come, it will all make sense.  So a HUGE celebration for spending the afternoon with my teaching buddy and staying under budget, while securing almost everything I needed!!!

Thanks Kellee for an awesome linky!!!  I am sure you all have a celebration, so go link up!!!


  1. What an afternoon it was!! Love the picture of Miss Jo!!!! Counting down the days until the transformation begins :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with me! I wish I could have gone shopping with you guys-sounds like a productive and bargain friendly trip! :)