Thursday, July 14, 2016

Writer's Workshop...Building GREAT Writers

Writing…is it your favorite thing to teach? your least favorite? For me, it has always been the hardest;  hard to find time in a very scripted schedule, hard to figure out how to tie it in with our pacing guide for ELA!  Hard for so many reasons!  This year my teaching buddy/1st grade teammate/across the hall neighbor and I sat down before the year started and created a map of ELA and Math.  We wanted to create more opportunities to WRITE!  As I began planning for our March, I was given our district writing assessment topic.  It was to compare two Dr. Seuss books and choose a favorite.  That worked out great since we were going to read two different Dr. Seuss books.  

Next on my agenda was to find a way to teach the traits of writing.  Where do you go when you are looking for resources?  Pinterest & TPT!  I realize that some might argue, they are not the best resources…I however disagree!  I love that what I find has all been used in the classroom and created by people who “get it”.  I was lucky enough to find Writer’s Workshop (with the help of Mr. & Mrs. Fix It) by Lyndsey at A Year of Many Firsts!

I love how this unit was organized!  I created a schedule with the time we had available, and plugged in the components that I thought would allow my firsties the best opportunity to understand the writing process.  I also added some ideas from Pinterest!

This pack is amazing!  I love how it broke down the traits of writing in a way for the kids to understand!  In the past, I was always jumping in and expecting the best...this gave my kiddos the chance to do each part and fine tune their skills.

One of my favorite parts was drawing a picture of "What Do Writers LOOK Like?".  These pictures amazed me!!!

Another part of the pack that I liked was the opportunity to brainstorm topics they could write about.  The ideas were flowing and it really gave us a glimpse into their lives and personalities!

When all was said and done, I was so pleased with the finished products.

I would highly suggest checking out Lyndsey's Writer's Workshop pack!!!

And check out what Lyndsey has to say about her own creation, here!

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