Friday, July 15, 2016

Drum roll please.....

On Tuesday, I shared the following truths and a lie!

1.  I am starting my 10th year of teaching with my 5th principal in the same classroom.

2.  The first time I ever left the USA was to meet my daughter for the first time.

3.  I am living with my parents and three year old, while we search for our forever home.

So which one is the lie?!?!?!

I am starting my 10th year of teaching, with my 5th principal, but I have been in FIVE different classrooms!  It appears five is a significant number!!!

I have only left the country twice and both times it was to go to Haiti for Joey's adoption!  The first time to meet her and the second time to bring her home!!!!  And we are currently living with the best parents a girl could ask for, as Joey and I search for our forever home!

Thanks for checking back!!!  Don't forget to drop in next Tuesday, as I TELL ALL!!!!

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