Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's February, here's my Currently!!!

February 1st..WOW!  And we are ringing in the new month with SNOW!!  Not as much as they predicted (of course) and not enough for a snow day tomorrow...but it is pretty!!!  
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for February's Currently!!!

listening...who doesn't love Fixer Upper on HGTV?  They are amazing and I would love to go to their store in Texas!!
loving...we have SNOW!!!  Enough for a quiet day at home to conquer my newly created to do list! is it February?  I mean I blinked and January is gone.  
wanting...more snow!  I want lots more so this teacher can have a productive SNOW day tomorrow!
needing...a maid!  I just don't enjoy cleaning and well this little place of mine is in need of a DEEP clean.
pageant title...for those who have read my Currently's before, you know I am adopting.  And anyone who adopts knows that waiting is part of the game.  I am pretty sure the final wait before your kiddo comes home is the WORST!!!  I am so ready for my little cutie to be home!!


  1. Oh, how exciting to be adoption!!!! I know the waiting must be so so so difficult. But...the end is closer each day!

  2. Here in San Diego we don't get much snow ;) We did actually get some on New Years :) Super cute blog and I'm jealous of your snow days!!!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  3. Wow! Adoption! I can only imagine how difficult the waiting must be. Praying that you get your kiddo to love very soon!
    ALL Y'all Need

  4. I totally understand your want of a maid...I definitely don't think you're alone ;-) and best with the adoption. What amazing moments you'll have!