Sunday, February 1, 2015

100th day

On Friday, we celebrated the ever so popular 100th day of school!  I must admit that as a student, I never remember celebrating this milestone, but as a teacher I have celebrated it each year!!!  This year, I decided we needed a theme, so I chose We Rocked 100 days of 1st Grade!!  I redecorated our door with each student's name on a guitar.  I forgot to take a picture:(  Then each table was decorated with some butcher paper to make it fancy.  Each student had a backstage pass waiting at their spot, with a 100 poster to decorate and a new 100th day pencil.  The backstage passes were an opportunity for me to promote good behavior, as they could earn stickers for positive dojo's or compliments!  We jammed to Kids Bop on Pandora and settled into our morning routine.

We read 100th Day Worries!  I love this book, as it is a great chance to practice some of our math skills.  The kids enjoyed it too!

Then it was Buddy Time!  My kiddos love Buddy Time.  Our buddies are in 4th grade.  Their teacher is one of my bestest buddies at school.  My kiddos get so excited to see their buddies in the hall or at breakfast.  On Friday, their buddy helped them create their 100th day hat! The 4th graders helped to make sure we didn't get sticker crazy!  As we could only use 100 stickers!! A huge thanks to A Spoonful of Learning for the idea.

Unfortunately, do to my poor planning, regular Friday assessments, some NWEA progress monitoring, and our monthly Core Value Assembly we didn't get to the other activities that I had planned.  I told them 100th day is so important, we will continue to celebrate on Monday.  But as they left, I was able to send them home with a little snack, which caused many to say how great I was.  Ya gotta love hearing that!!!

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