Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Twin Tuesday

Everyone has that someone in their life to make them better!!!  I am blessed to have more then one of those people, lucky...I know:)  One of those people is my pal Molly!  Molly is a kinder teacher, in her second year of teaching, and though the number of years that separate us by age is LARGE (don't ask, how large...just trust me!!!) we couldn't be more alike!

Somewhere in the last year since we met,
we have discovered more then a few things that we have in common.

Here are just a few..
the same high school
 the same college
a love of polar pops
our Catholic faith
a love of teaching
a love of work nights on the couch, instead of going out
a love of shopping
and a love of

Each day, we are there for one another to lift each other up, to bounce ideas off of each other, to laugh at the crazy of the day, and to even shed a tear if necessary.  On a recent work night, we talked about the need to blog more.  Then came the idea of Twin Tuesday!  We teach in the same school, just a different grade.  So why not blog about how one topic or theme can be done differently in two different grades!!!

We will give you a glimpse into our rooms, our lessons, and our ideas!!!  Then hopefully you will grab your "Teaching Twin" and do the same!!  Who knows, maybe this will end up being a linky!?!?!

Be sure to head over to Molly's blog to check out her take!

If you have any suggestions or would like to hear about something in particular, leave one of us a comment!  We would LOVE feedback!!!

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