Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Sunday Scoop

One of my goals for 2015 is to be more accountable!!  The Sunday Scoop from Teaching Trio  will help me do just that!!! Here's my scoop...

This week I have to plan our 100th day, I mean it is FRIDAY!!! I am going with a Rock N Roll theme and can't wait to start putting all my ideas (thank you Pinterest) to paper!  No Worksheet Wednesday has been a goal of mine and this Wednesday is a half day, certainly I can handle a half day with no worksheets!  It may be time to switch Math Workshop groups, so I am working on exit tickets to know who is getting it and who needs some more help!  

I hope to start making visual plans!  I tried last week and realized my plans are BORING!! So I am conquering this goal soon! This week I hope to start practicing adding more of my Pinterest finds into my plans.  One of my professional goals is to reflect and document what we do in our room!  Pictures are the best day to do that, I must start snapping more of our activities!!!

And, I am more then happy to end Monday with The Bachelor and my girlies!!!  Anyone else watching this season?  We love Prince Farming, I mean after all we are bunch of Midwestern girls:)

What's your scoop?
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