Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Sunday Scoop Time!!!  As always this time of the year is busy and this week is NO exception!!!!  A huge thanks to the Teaching Trio for hosting the Sunday Scoop Linky so I can organize my "to-do's"!

HAVE TO:  Seriously laundry NEVER stops!!!  It has to be done today!!!  My car use to be a little messy, enter my favorite three year old and it looks like a HOT mess....that will change today!  Friday is our class Winter Festival, perhaps I should get going on the planning of that extravaganza!!!

HOPE TO:  Christmas is going to sneak up on me and I am behind on shopping, and to complicate things further, I have to mail some gifts!!!  A long shot----hope---but my house is for sale and to sell it would be AWESOME!!!!!

HAPPY TO:  Joey is going to meet Santa!!! I am excited to see how she does.  She is loving all that is the Christmas season, so this should be a fun night for her!!!

That's my scoop, what's yours?

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  1. Wow, you do have a busy week! Good luck getting your house sold and all the gifts and things taken care of!

  2. Ahh I totally know how you feel - laundry in this house seems never ending, every time the pile starts to get small, something gets added to it! Your class winter festival sounds like fun! Hope Joey enjoys meeting Santa! :)

    Teaching Autism

  3. I can't wait for Joey to meet Santa! She is going to be the happiest little girl there ever was :) Love your list and totally know you can ROCK it out!!! Positive vibes and happy thoughts my friend :)