Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Sunday Scoop

Once again, I am linking up with The Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop.  I just love how it keeps me organized.  As the school year is winding down, my to do list only gets bigger!  
So many things to do, but such an exciting time!!!  

Here's my SCOOP!

Have To Do: Our PTO is FABULOUS!! We are so lucky to have them and they are over the top generous!!  A few years ago they started letting us submit proposals for funding (in addition to the money they give every team) for special projects that we wanted to do.  My first grade team got the idea to end the year a little differently, from our Kinder team.  So we have decided to do an Amelia Bedelia unit for the final four weeks of school!  We are proposing that PTO give us the money to buy 4 full class sets of Amelia Bedelia books so we can rotate them and do fun review activities.  Wish us luck! Small Group Reading is going well but I want to switch out some of our activities for May.  Last year, we had a summer check-in program for our kiddos!  They could check in at various places in our city with teachers and get summer work to practice and maintain their skills.  They would get prizes if they checked in and they all got t-shirts when we got back to school, that they could wear as part of their uniform!  A few things worked great and a couple things we want to tweak...but the days are flying by, so we need to get busy fine tuning the program!

Hope To Do: I need spring/summer clothes soooo badly!  Having a two year old makes it a little harder to shop!  She also has very few short sleeve shirts and little girl can sweat!  I also want to come up with a cleaning schedule.  I don't want to worry about spending my Saturday so the house is clean, when J and I could be having fun!!! I also don't want a house, I am embarrassed to have guests over to.  I think it is important I find a happy medium and come up with an easy schedule that I will follow.

Happy To Do:  I was asked by a very special young lady to be her confirmation sponsor.  I am honored to be asked and can't wait to walk with her on her faith journey.  I have a feeling we will both learn a lot together.

That's my scoop, what's yours?

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